Friday, June 10, 2016

Green Grow 2016 Introduction.

Hello all!

This years green grow team has got the blog back up and running, and should be posting weekly/bi-weekly updates from here until the summer program ends.
This years team consists of India Hitchcock, Sean Norman, and Trevor Smith (the blog updater). We are managed and are working with Hayley McLemore. We're very excited to work with this project for summer and have lots of ideas we hope to bring!

As for now, I will post our previous weeks and present status, with our future plans.
For our first weeks we decided what we wanted to plant, and set about clearing out the garden.
We have cleared out many weeds ( I did three wheelbarrows full myself).


 We decided to take down the center plant, as it seemed like it would die fairly soon.

In its place, we are debating repainting some cinder blocks we have left over, and filling it with dirt to create another growing area from the crops. This year were thinking about putting sunflowers here.

As for other ideas, we are hoping to take apart the drawers that have become broken down, and are possibly becoming homes to wasps. Depending on other bugs in the garden, we may just relocate them to have the wasps help keep the garden bugs population under control.

Our plants seem to be coming up nicely, and I believe the cabbage is already finished. Here are some pictures from week two/three, with more coming soon!

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