Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Series Lecture THIS THURSDAY!!! & Field Trip to a Local Free-Range Farm March 3rd

Student Body Government is pleased to share the exciting news about the Green Lecture Series. 
This upcoming THURSDAY during the common hours, Soboleski will share his experiences with organic farms in Switzerland
and working at Sterling College, an environmentally focused liberal arts college in Vermont.

You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity to hear his fascinating stories!

Stuart Soboleski
Thursday, February 23rd
JSAC, G-Area
Creating and Cultivating Connections in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability means many things. On one end of the spectrum, it can mean buying "green" products, 
organic food, and trying to reduce our carbon footprint by using fewer non-renewable resources.
On the other end of the spectrum, sustainability means supporting 
a local food economy, or even growing your own food.

Stuart Soboleski, a deaf farm manager at Sterling College, an environmentally focused 
liberal arts college in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, will share his experiences of the past 7 years visiting
and working on farms in Switzerland and northeastern United States. In addition to that, 
he will discuss concepts, resources, terminology, and the culture behind the red-hot sustainable farming movement.

There will be information on how get involved with, or support the creation of, 
a local food economy, may it be a small backyard vegetable garden,
a flock of layer hens, or joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.  

There will be a Q and A discussion and the opportunity to see some gorgeous photos of farms in the Swiss Alps and elsewhere. 


Do you ever wonder where your meats from the cafeteria, MarketPlace or Rathskellar were raised? 

Here's your opportunity to go on a field trip to Legacy Manor Farm, a local free-range farm in Maryland! 

When? Saturday, March 3rd, 10am-3pm
Meet where? Benson Hall Circle
How? Email to sign up! 

Bon Appetit will provide lunch! 

Wear your dirty boots!!! It's going to be MESSY FUN!

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