Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Gallaudet new mottos!...VOTE...VOTE!


Green Gallaudet is on the roll to save the world of Gallaudet University from pollution! To behold Green Gallaudet's new brand and official motto on water bottles, we need YOU to pick THREE motto out of SEVEN mottos. And then, you'll have Green Gallaudet's mind-blowing water bottle in your hands with no time! 

YOUR opinion is very important to us and the community of Gallaudet!! PLEASE VOTE!
(Please copy and paste link below this to vote)

One fast green tip of the week--
"Be a smart consumer. Avoid products that have excessive or wasteful packaging, and you'll be shaping how products are packaged in the future!"

However, you may wonder when will Green Gallaudet sell the water bottles. We are going to sell them after gathering all votes by this Sunday, December 11th. The prices will be discussed during general meeting. 

Green Gallaudet team

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