Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green Gallaudet Fourth General Meeting

-T-shirts should be arriving soon!
-Green Bottle has been voted for BPA Free, from GreenBottle.online.com, 25oz with twist cap. Silver bottle with Green Gallaudet Logo
-SAB has approved for main buildings to replace the water fountain to a water fountain with filtered water dispenser included
- Need more ideas on how to improve campus, will have a meeting on Nov 29th
- Green Gallaudet office? Working on it!
- Educator would like you to be more involved if you are interested in research, BnB articles or workshop, please contact Stephanie Johnston
- Fundraising, hopefully fundraise left over mugs, smoothie and have a paper for students to write down their ideas to help promote campus green environment
- Stickers as a reminder for switchers, will receive design soon
- Volunteering for Garden, please contact Lauren Sprague
- Green Spotlight with Bison TV

-Collect metals and replace for cash to help the horses rescue farms (more information coming up)
-Bison TV, Crowded episode, commercial in between and give cast to use our products
            -Earth hour, preparation for next semester
-End of semester, boxes in dorm for students to discard where we can recycle or donate/ take items

Green Gallaudet

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