Monday, February 1, 2010

The latest!!

Green Gallaudet staff members met with Bon Apetit employees, Davina Kwong and Marcy Knox to discuss various topics. The meeting went wonderfully, and Green Gallaudet was so surprised to learn about the things the cafeteria have been doing. This is to share with the community of what has been happening on campus.

Compost- Davina is currently working with an outside contractor, EnviRelation. If it works out, they will come weekly to pick up food waste and have it go to their compost off campus. This will be perfect for Gallaudet, especially now that Gallaudet won't need to worry about the smell, and unwanted rodents. Davina seems very motivated about doing this, and hopefully it will be in effect within a month.

Waste measurement- Since the spring semester began, the cafeteria had two containers that collected students' food waste. They had posters on them, requesting students to discard their food there before putting their plates away. Davina explained that they're starting to measure waste so we will have data available soon, rather than assumptions. Davina also mentioned that we have been wasting a lot of food, so this is a good way to measure and improve.

Apples- A Gallaudet employee requested the cafeteria via Marcy to give her left over apples (biweekly) that are "ugly" and "spoiled" since she works/volunteers at a horse farm and she will take them to feed the horses.

The cafeteria has a rule where students can only take away 2 cookies, 1 fruit, and 1 hot drink from the cafeteria. This has angered some students and met with Davina. The SBG met with Davina as well. Davina explained that the sole reason behind this is that the majority of time when students take away food, the food becomes waste and gets thrown away. Not only that, but students use paper plates/cups to take them away which is not good for the environment. So, Davina has ordered smaller paper cups for ice cream to be taken away. Not only that, but Davina has ordered take out boxes where students can purchase for a block to have their meal to go. The boxes originally came in black and clear plastic boxes (per rush order), and it came to students' liking. Davina then ordered more 100% recycled boxes that are brown, and it seems the students liked the plastic boxes better but they are not as environmental friendly. Davina is hoping the students will understand the reasons behind this. This is an excellent program run by Davina at the cafeteria.

There is also a fellows student working for Bon Apetit in the D.C. area that does presentations, etc. She is looking for a time to come to Gallaudet to speak about Bon Apetit's efforts in "going green." They are looking at a day in April. Bon Apetit will provide food during the presentation.

Green Gallaudet truly appreciates the work of Davina and Marcy. We need all the people on campus to work together in moving Gallaudet to a greener campus!

Green Gallaudet will do a video soon at the cafeteria via BisonTV to inform the community of what has been happening. Please do reach out to us if you have any ideas, questions, or suggestions!!

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