Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meeting Agenda: Nov 12th

Hello everybody!

Previous week’s events:

1. Festival of Arts and Culture

2. Haunted house

3. Green Lecture

4. Green Festivals

Current Business:

1. Vote for New Treasurer

2. Vote for New Fundraising Track Director

3. Tracks:

*Clara Baldwin – Education Report

a) National Teach-in on Global Warming Solutions Event Chairperson

*Mallory Malzkuhn – Campus Improvement Report

a) Committee making good progress

Rachel Benedict and Mallory Malzkuhn

Mallory and I discussed with Marc (the guy in charge of electricity on campus).

Marc was very helpful in trying to work halfway with us. He agrees that reducing the use of electricity on campus is something we can work on together.

-HMB building has a switch that automatically turns off all the lights (except for exit and safety lights) at midnight and they are turned back on at 5 am. He said we can try and see if it is possible for us to elongate the hours from 10-6, etc.

-For turning off the lights in SAC, FH, SLCC, etc, Marc says he has reminded the cleaning people to turn off the lights but it doesn't always happen. We brought up the idea about having students do it nightly and get paid for it. Marc agrees but told us that it will become a security issue in which he gave me the person to contact. I will e-mail her this week to set up a meeting.

-Marc let us know that KDES and MSSD actually are big problems. They are big consumers of electricity so he suggested that whatever we decide, include KDES and MSSD because they are roots of the problems on campus.

-Marc also suggested we could get the students involved by having a competition, etc, like we have discussed several times. I asked him about meters, we have individual meters for Clerc and Carlin Halls but the rest is several buildings on one meter. So, a competition among dorms probably won't be effective.

b) RecycleMania

*Fundraising Track Director

a) Bake Sale, Dec. 1st - Dec. 5th

b) $10 Membership fee due December 3rd

4) Clothes from Cinderella Trade-Off

Rachel Blake – Student Congress Representative Report

Justin Jackerson - A & F Representative Report

The "Justin:" statements were made by me during the meeting about a month ago. The "A&F:" responses were part of the SAB report sent via e-mail to the campus community about a week after the meeting.

Justin: To add more recycling containers around the campus, especially in the Marketplace area. If they could be clearly marked for BOTTLES, PAPER, etc. it would be helpful.

A&F: Allen explained the single stream recycling process that the University uses. She stated that if a can has a clear bag in it, the contents of that can are sorted for recycling by the refuse vendor.
*(this part still BOTHERS me because it doesn't help spread recycling awareness across the campus but if they insist on using that system, then better than nothing I guess)

Justin: We are glad that the Marketplace uses environmentally friendly plates and containers, but the Rathskellar is still using the old black plastic plates. When will they switch to the environmentally friendly products?

A & F: Dhue stated that the Marketplace and Rathskellar (including catering for meetings) will be using environmentally friendly products.

Justin: The Bookstore should be selling plastic or, better, paper bags for students to use for recycling. They could sell them for 20 or 25 cents each and if you reuse the bag in the Bookstore you could get a little money off your next purchase.

A & F: Gary Aller, Executive Director, Business Services, stated that he will discuss the suggestion with the supervisor of the bookstore. He would like feedback on whether students would actually reuse the bag when making purchases in the bookstore. Aller can be reached at

PLEASE e-mail me for any more suggestions for me to make at the next meeting in early December! E-mail me at

Earl Terry – DCYEA Representative Report

a) DCYEA kick-off event for 2009 at SLCC

New Business:

1. Open floor for comments, suggestions, ideas


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