Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meeting Agenda: Wed Oct 1

Greetings Earth Warriors!

Previous week’s events:

1. Student Organization Fair—a big success!


2. DCYEA report

a. Green Jobs Now
b. Invest in a Clean Energy Economy
c. Cut Global Warming Pollution Now
d. End our Dependence on Dirty Energy
e. Re-engage as a leader in the International Community
------i. Next Kyoto meeting will be in Poland this December
f. Take Dirty Money out of Politics
g. Your Power Vote Plank Here

3. Commitment to try and get this many signatures

a. Gallaudet – 300 students

4. Green Festival

a. Contact:
b. Video Campaign

5. Next DCYEA Meeting

a. October 18
-----i. Georgetown University
-----ii. Lobbying training
b. November 15
-----i. Gallaudet University

6. DCYEA Mission

a. National / City?
b. More information at – DC Youth Environmental Alliance
c. City Issues
----- i. Bottle Bill
-----ii. California car standards
-----iii. LEED / Building codes

7. Writer for DCYEA website

b. Volunteer: Tanna Jo


Current Projects:

1. Tracks:

Clara Baldwin – Education

1) Vision for the year
2) October 9th lecture
3) Workshops/Panel Ideas
4) Focus the Nation
5) Community service (Green Festival and ?)
6) Polar Bear plunge on January 10th (For those who will be in area)
7) Green Jobs (from Dr. Solomon)

Mallory Malzkuhn – Campus Improvement

1) Find out which recycling companies other universities use (work withour DCYEA team) and compare
2) Make posters on recycling (bad/good facts, pictures, etc) right above trash cans and recycling bins (not just above them, but all the places where people go to get information)
3) Get more recycling bins all over the campus (especially dorms)
4) Provide more workshops

Tenaya Herbold – Fundraising

1) Homecoming
2) Membership fee?


Committee discussions (10 minutes)


Report on new ideas and goals


Justin Jackerson - A & F Representative

1) Share ideas and concerns to bring to the SAB meeting


Upcoming Events:

1. Oct. 9 lecture
2. Presentation/workshop in Peet Hall
3. Nov. 8/9, 2008- Green Festival (
4. Homecoming formal wear trade-off?



We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. -Native American Proverb

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