Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Meeting Agenda: Wed Oct 29

Greetings Earth Warriors!

Previous week’s events:

1. Cinderella Trade-off

a) Thanks to those who donated and shopped!
b) Some dresses remain—stop by Ely 119 during office hours to find the perfect look!


New Business:

1. Green presentation—Dr. Caroline Solomon

a) How do Obama and McCain measure up on the environment?

2. Open floor

a) ideas?
b) concerns?
c) questions?

3. Fund raising

a) Homecoming!!
i) On the Fly—come for the environmentalism, stay for the yummy food!
ii) Bamboo sporks—better than plastic and all profits benefit Green Gallaudet. Only $3!!
iii) Sign-up sheet—volunteer for Green Gallaudet booth!
b) future projects

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