Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meeting Agenda: Wed Sept 17

Welcome to Green Gallaudet's first bi-weekly meeting!


President - Leala Holcomb

Vice-President -

Treasurer - Thomas O'Grady

Secretary - Megan Erasmus

Track Directors-

District of Colombia Youth Environmental Alliance (DCYEA) Representatives- Earl Terry

Student Congress Senator - Rachel Blake

Environmental Internship - Jessica Frank

Faculty Advisors - Scientific, Dr. Caroline Solmon
Advocacy, Raychelle Harris

Green Gallaudet Accomplishments 2007-2008

Founded in October 2007

Permament seat on A & F Board meetings

Environmental Internship

Volunteered at Green Festivals

Went to PowerShift '07

Hosted Focus the Nation event on campus

Formed relationship among various departments and facilities

Green Gallaudet Goals 2008-2009


1. campus improvement track = focused on making campus "greener"
a. current project: recycling (campus awareness video, visibility of recycling bins on campus)

2. educational track = on or off campus educational events
a. current project: upcoming Oct 9th lecture
b. future projects:- Campus Sustainability Day
October 22, 2008- Green Festival
November 9-11, 2008- AASHE
PowerShift 2009; February 27-March 2

3. fundraising track = fundraise monies for Green Gallaudet
a. current project: ink/cell phone project
b. future projects: - membership dues
selling reusable bags at bookstore
Homecoming booth

Who's interested in joining the Green Gallaudet team?

Vice President

1. when president is unavailable:
a. run meetings
b. attend events representing Green Gallaudet

2. check on the progress of the "three tracks"

3. works closely with the educational track

4. assist president when needed

5. works at the office at least 2 hours a week


1. Campus Improvement Director - recycling

2. Educational Director - October 9th lecture

3. Fundraising Director - Ink/cell phone project

District of Colombia Youth Environmental Alliance (DCYEA) Representatives

1. Attend monthly meetings

2. First meeting will be on Saturday, September 20th

3. Host meeting at Gallaudet
-Reservation has been made - SLCC 1302.
-October 18 or October 25?
-Interpreter issues need to be resolved.

Continue bi-weekly meeting on Wednesdays at 6 pm?

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