Friday, September 19, 2008

Secretary's Meeting Minutes 9/17/08

Our first Green Gallaudet meeting was held at SLCC on September 17 at 6 pm. Never mind the details, the meeting went exceedingly great. The room was filled with over 30 eager members sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to make a difference.

Baby steps before making a giant leap, the meeting covered details about our previous accomplishments, upcoming goals, and we also elected individuals for available positions.

We proudly announce our new...

Vice President: Emily Schenker
Fund raising Director: Tenaya Herbold
Education Director: Clara Baldwin
Campus Improvement Director: Mallory Malzkuhn
Representative for A & F: Justin Jackerson
Representative for DCYEA: Tanna Jo Kolb

A good news is not a good news if it is kept only to one self, so its out, and we want you to know that Green Gallaudet has its own office located in the lovely ELY building, room # 119.

Office Hours:
Monday: 3pm-5pm
Friday: 12pm-2pm

Each person has an idea, and every idea is always a good idea so please feel free to share them by paying us a visit during these office hours.

Think Global. Act Local.

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