Friday, June 13, 2008

Green Gallaudet Bylaws

The name of this organization shall be Green Gallaudet at Gallaudet University.

Green Gallaudet is an environmental organization, which uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to explose global environmental issues on Kendall Green, and to force solutions for a green future. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future for the next generations. Green Gallaudet practices the "think global - act local" concept for our planet environment.

Green Gallaudet encourages environmentally sustainable practices in its daily decision-making process, including building, operations planning and purchasing.

Green Gallaudet undertakes alternative practices and procedures to iminimize negative impacts on the environment.

Green Gallaudet integrates environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the Gallaudet community.

Green Gallaudet takes into account, in the operations of the Gallaudet University, appropriate economic, environmental, and social concerns.


Section 1. Membership shall consist of members at Gallaudet University who are part of this community; be it, Faculty, Staff, Alumni or friends of Gallaudet.


Section 1. The officers of this organization shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Student Congress representative.

Section 2. The qualification for each officer is: Any undergraduate and/or graduate student.

Section 3. The duties of the president shall include:
1. To be responsible for the total operation of the organization.
2. To outline the work of the organization and keep members informed on all matters pertaining to the organization.
3. To establish committees for special needs and/or programs.
4. To check the progress of committee work and meet regularly with committee chairpersons.
5. To make arrangements for meetings and make sure each member is notified.
6. Conduct the meeting effectively.

The duties of the vice-president shall include:
1. To work with the president,
2. Complete president's duties as necessary.

The duties of the secretary shall include:
1. To keep a register of members
2. To conduct the correspondences of the organization
3. To be responsible for assembling and distributing the agenda for each meeting
4. To maintain the files of the organization

The duties of a treasurer shall include:
1. To be in charge of the financial matters of the organization
2. To keep members informed of the financial status of the organization
3. Deposit and withdraw money out of the bank

The duties of the Student Congress representative shall include:
1. To attend to all meetings
2. To represent on behalf of Green Gallaudet organization
3. To present Green Gallaudet organization's concerns and ideas

This organization shall have multiple committees as necessary. These committees will work with the officers.

Election will be held on first month of the semester


Section 1. The advisor of this organization shall be a full-time member of the faculty, staff, or administration at Gallaudet University.

Section 2. The advisor will be chosen by the offiers and shall be subject to change by majority of votes from members.

Officers shall be removed from office when their semester-term ends. Officers may be impeached by majority votes from members.

Green Gallaudet organization will proudly practice anti-discrimination clause, which permits each individual or different gender, race, sexual orientation, and religion to become member of this organization.

Green Gallaudet will and shall not haze the members; therefore the Anti Hazing clause will be applicable to this organization.

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