Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Focus The Nation Video

Green Gallaudet, an environmental organization hosted Gallaudet's very first global warming teach-in, called "Focus The Nation". This was conducted simultaneously with thousand of other colleges and universities all over the nation on January 31st.

What we do everyday makes an impact on earth and its temperature rises - how can we reduce our contribution to global warming? On January 31st Gallaudet faculty, staff, students and visitors learned from numerous presenters and booths about many different ways about how we can make less of an impact and tread lightly on Mother Earth so next generations can enjoy what we take for granted today.

This video is a quick showcase of the day's presenters, Green Gallaudet members, visitors, students and booths. Enjoy... and think about what kinds of changes you can make today!

If this video does not play/work, you can go directly to the video here:

This video was produced by Gallaudet's e-learning and Video Services department. 

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