Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hi All!

Save the date for a hands on workshop at the Gallaudet Garden on Saturday, March 28th from 9-12 titled "Introduction to Biointensive Food Production".

Taught by University of DC's Research Farm Director, Che Axum.  Open to the public.  Only 25 spots, so be sure to reserve yours!

Also check out our FB page: Gallaudet's Garden- Green Grow

Much love!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Light Switch Covers

Hello all,

Green Gallaudet organization is in progress of installing light switch cover all buildings on campus! Within few weeks, we came up with four light switch covers options and we NEED you to VOTE one out of four covers.

Please copy and paste the link below this:
And vote it wisely!

Green Gallaudet

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Green Series Lecture THIS THURSDAY!!! & Field Trip to a Local Free-Range Farm March 3rd

Student Body Government is pleased to share the exciting news about the Green Lecture Series. 
This upcoming THURSDAY during the common hours, Soboleski will share his experiences with organic farms in Switzerland
and working at Sterling College, an environmentally focused liberal arts college in Vermont.

You DO NOT want to miss this opportunity to hear his fascinating stories!

Stuart Soboleski
Thursday, February 23rd
JSAC, G-Area
Creating and Cultivating Connections in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainability means many things. On one end of the spectrum, it can mean buying "green" products, 
organic food, and trying to reduce our carbon footprint by using fewer non-renewable resources.
On the other end of the spectrum, sustainability means supporting 
a local food economy, or even growing your own food.

Stuart Soboleski, a deaf farm manager at Sterling College, an environmentally focused 
liberal arts college in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, will share his experiences of the past 7 years visiting
and working on farms in Switzerland and northeastern United States. In addition to that, 
he will discuss concepts, resources, terminology, and the culture behind the red-hot sustainable farming movement.

There will be information on how get involved with, or support the creation of, 
a local food economy, may it be a small backyard vegetable garden,
a flock of layer hens, or joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm.  

There will be a Q and A discussion and the opportunity to see some gorgeous photos of farms in the Swiss Alps and elsewhere. 


Do you ever wonder where your meats from the cafeteria, MarketPlace or Rathskellar were raised? 

Here's your opportunity to go on a field trip to Legacy Manor Farm, a local free-range farm in Maryland! 

When? Saturday, March 3rd, 10am-3pm
Meet where? Benson Hall Circle
How? Email to sign up! 

Bon Appetit will provide lunch! 

Wear your dirty boots!!! It's going to be MESSY FUN!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Green Gallaudet new mottos!...VOTE...VOTE!


Green Gallaudet is on the roll to save the world of Gallaudet University from pollution! To behold Green Gallaudet's new brand and official motto on water bottles, we need YOU to pick THREE motto out of SEVEN mottos. And then, you'll have Green Gallaudet's mind-blowing water bottle in your hands with no time! 

YOUR opinion is very important to us and the community of Gallaudet!! PLEASE VOTE!
(Please copy and paste link below this to vote)

One fast green tip of the week--
"Be a smart consumer. Avoid products that have excessive or wasteful packaging, and you'll be shaping how products are packaged in the future!"

However, you may wonder when will Green Gallaudet sell the water bottles. We are going to sell them after gathering all votes by this Sunday, December 11th. The prices will be discussed during general meeting. 

Green Gallaudet team

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

2022 Campus Plan Sustainability Workshop


The members of Green Gallaudet will host a Workshop of ‘2022 Campus Plan Sustainability’ on Tuesday, November 29 during Common Time (12:30-1:50 p.m.) at the SLCC Atrium. The administrators of Gallaudet emphasize the significance of Green Gallaudet’s contribution because we are the voice for the Gallaudet students and the community.
The next workshop will include different topics including:
-       Energy Conservation
-       Operations
-        Utilities & Infrastructure Upgrades
-       Building Design Standards
-       Landscape & Water Management
-        Transportation
-       Parking
-       Food
-       Waste & Recycling
-       Academics & Curriculum (sustainability in courses and coursework)
-       Promoting a Culture of Sustainability and Stewardship.
A friendly reminder, we are the VOICE for Gallaudet community, we will need all of you to be part of this workshop so therefore our VOICES will be heard! This is a strong interactive opportunity to share ideas that Gallaudet University can sustain greener campus for the next 10 years and beyond!

Please attend to this workshop and don’t forget your ideas!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Student Body Government, Bon Appetit and GSR 300 are sponsoring a day trip to Even' Star Organic Farm in Lexington Park, Maryland. Bon Appetit will provide free breakfast and free lunch, and the transportation will be provided as well!

This unique farm is a highly diverse certified organic farm-- growing over 120 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Got kids? No problem! This will be a wonderful opportunity for the kids to learn and explore more about the organic farm!!


Please email if you are interested in going!

Meet at Benson Hall Circle at 7:50am this Saturday, November 12th SHARP! 

Stay Green!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Green Gallaudet Fourth General Meeting

-T-shirts should be arriving soon!
-Green Bottle has been voted for BPA Free, from, 25oz with twist cap. Silver bottle with Green Gallaudet Logo
-SAB has approved for main buildings to replace the water fountain to a water fountain with filtered water dispenser included
- Need more ideas on how to improve campus, will have a meeting on Nov 29th
- Green Gallaudet office? Working on it!
- Educator would like you to be more involved if you are interested in research, BnB articles or workshop, please contact Stephanie Johnston
- Fundraising, hopefully fundraise left over mugs, smoothie and have a paper for students to write down their ideas to help promote campus green environment
- Stickers as a reminder for switchers, will receive design soon
- Volunteering for Garden, please contact Lauren Sprague
- Green Spotlight with Bison TV

-Collect metals and replace for cash to help the horses rescue farms (more information coming up)
-Bison TV, Crowded episode, commercial in between and give cast to use our products
            -Earth hour, preparation for next semester
-End of semester, boxes in dorm for students to discard where we can recycle or donate/ take items

Green Gallaudet

Friday, October 28, 2011

General Meeting update

The Highlight of Green Gallaudet's Third General Meeting

-18 people showed up and we have 52 members that already paid.
-We will be working on getting water bottles and recycle green bags so we can get $$ for Green Gallaudet
-Organic T-Shirt will be ordered tomorrow so it should arrive within 2 weeks or so!
-President of Green Gallaudet will be working on getting official office for Green Gallaudet, solar panel, stickies, greenhouse, and painting trash bins to Blue and Buff colors.
-The main goal of Green Gallaudet for this semester is to set stability.
-We made $176.38 profit from selling smoothies and old Green Gallaudet T-shirt during homecoming day!

Green Gallaudet team

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Green Gallaudet team
Lorne Farovitch, President

Jessica Israel, Vice president

Emilia Nowalski, Secretary

Flynn Rosko, Treasurer

Serina Arellano, Public Relations

Lauren Sprague, Garden Keeper
Samantha Bragg, Fundraiser

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Green Gallaudet NEW logo announcement

Green Gallaudet NEW BRAND logo has chosen, after the prolonged weekend of Gallaudet community votes. We earnestly thank you for your support.

With this new logo, we’ll order t-shirts and water bottles for Homecoming! Be sure to save money for Green Gallaudet’s fantastic t-shirts and water bottles! 

Green Gallaudet team

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gallaudet Green with FIVE NEW LOGOS! VOTE VOTE VOTE!


Green Gallaudet want YOU to...
... go to survey link
... take your time looking around the survey
... vote one logo out of 5 logos!
and CAN you do that?

Let's vote!
Copy, paste this link to new window:

Your VOTE is very IMPORTANT to us!

(DEADLINE to vote by Oct. 9, Sunday evening)

Monday, September 26, 2011



Once a year, Bon Appétit Management Company issues an “Eat Local Challenge” to all of our chefs. On Tuesday, September 27th, come to your café and enjoy a dinner that is made completely of ingredients from within a 150 mile radius of the café. This act, while seemingly simple, has far reaching implications.


At Bon Appétit Management Company, everything starts with flavor; we are committed to creating food that simply tastes good. Food that is grown locally is fresher and dramatically more flavorful than food that is harvested early so it can be transported great distances. Locally produced food is picked at the height of freshness, often making it to market within 24 hours of being picked, while food from non-local sources may have been in transit for more than seven days and been warehoused for many months. Have you ever eaten berries straight from the field or picked an apple right off the tree? Wouldn’t you like all your produce to taste like that? On September 27th it will!


Local farmers, who use more sustainable growing practices, act as stewards of the land. By buying from local growers you help support sustainable farming practices that nourish and replenish the local land rather than stripping it. You have the power to ensure that the food you buy is produced in a manner that steers away from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics.


The purchases you make can have a profound impact on your community. The family farm is dying and when the family farm dies so too does our agricultural heritage. However, if you eat locally then you are simultaneously investing in your own community and helping to preserve local farmers and artisans ensuring that their traditions continue. If you buy local, you are helping to ensure that we can savor these authentic flavors in the future.

There are many other reasons to eat local, and on Tuesday, September 27th while grabbing your dinner, pause to find out more about how your food choices impact our local and global communities.

Location: Community Garden

Time: 4:30pm – 7:30pm

For more information on food and sustainability sustainability, visit

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Green Festival

Nothing to do on October 23/ 24? Come volunteer at DC's Green Festival!
More information is available on this website--

Interested? Contact Janna DiBiase @

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everyone on campus can play an important part in trimming utility costs

From Daily Digest:

Taking a few cost-saving measures and multiplying them by many people can amount to big savings when it comes to utilities consumption. By keeping mindful of this equation, every member of the campus community can play an important role in helping Gallaudet reduce its utility costs.

Next to salaries and benefits, utilities-electricity, gas, oil, and water--represent the University's largest expense. Gallaudet projects that it will spend approximately $8.2 million on utilities this year-twice the rate of five years ago. The University's Facilities Department is aggressively taking steps to reduce the amount of utilities the campus consumes, and in a May 26 email, Vice President for Administration and Finance Paul Kelly encouraged the community to join in these efforts. The campus received good news in a July 21 follow-up email from Kelly, who said that these measures are beginning to pay off--Gallaudet expects to save $500,000 on its utility bills by the end of the fiscal year on September 30.

This is only the beginning. The University is reviewing a number of additional steps to take in reducing its utilities consumption, and a vital part of this important initiative relies on the community's participation. The utilities market is a volatile one-a hurricane that disrupts an off-shore oil refinery, the current massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or the high demand for electricity caused by this summer's record-breaking heat wave can cause energy prices to soar. While consumers' bills are dependent on market fluctuations, the impact can be lessened if everyone on campus takes a few simple but effective measures.

The primary ways that Gallaudet has saved money on energy costs to date are by renegotiating its electricity and natural gas contracts with Hess Energy Services for a combined savings of $200,000 in June compared with June 2009, and through participating in the Load Demand Response program. The latter is a partnership the University has with Hess to reduce electrical usage during peak demand-noon to 8 p.m. The program requires participants to turn off nonessential lights, office equipment, and appliances so that residences and small businesses can avoid disruption in service. In return, Gallaudet receives a monthly royalty check. In the 15 months that Gallaudet has been involved in the program, it has been required to reduce energy use on two days when the temperature soared--June 11 and July 7. "I'm very satisfied with the results," said Stephen Kalmus, Gallaudet's manager of utility services. "There was great cooperation from the campus; everybody seemed enthusiastic about doing their part."

Gallaudet recently had a six-month energy study conducted by Johnson Controls, Inc. that resulted in a 1,000-page report on ways the campus can reduce energy use. The recommendations, which would cost $12 million to implement, would result in a savings of $2 million annually, meaning that it wouldn't take long for the University to recoup the initial expense and begin making substantial savings. The report is now being reviewed by the administration.

Facilities has established an energy committee that meets regularly to discuss ways to reduce energy consumption. As a result, a number of steps have been taken, and others are under consideration. For example, air conditioning and lighting have been discontinued during the summer months in unoccupied residence halls at the University and the Clerc Center. In addition, the temperature to the chillers that provide air conditioning to campus buildings has been raised a couple of degrees. Regarding future measures, Facilities is looking at reducing the University's fleet of service vehicles, installing low flow toilets, efficient shower heads, and faucets, installing efficient lighting systems, reducing irrigation system usage, coordinating with Clerc Center and University pool supervisors to reduce water heating over the summer, and enhancing campus environmental controls to better monitor mechanical systems. Additionally, reducing heating and air conditioning levels to campus buildings on evenings, weekends, and holidays will result in savings. Because lighting accounts for 28 percent of energy costs, another option being discussed is installing motion detectors in offices and public areas that would shut off lights automatically if no movement is sensed for a predetermined period of time-say, 30 minutes. The lights could be reactivated with the wave of a hand, or an override switch could simply turn off the system.

While large-scale plans such as these can result in a dramatic reduction in energy use, every member of the campus community can do his or her part to contribute to the effort. Facilities has compiled a list of some simple steps that people can take to help Gallaudet.

• Incandescent lights should be turned off immediately when they aren't needed. This type of lighting has largely been phased out at Gallaudet in favor of fluorescent lighting. According to Kalmus, fluorescent lights require about 15 minutes to reach full power, so he recommends leaving them on unless the area will be unoccupied for a longer period of time.
• If an area receives sufficient natural light, keep the lights off during the day.
• Turn off computers, copiers, and other office machines when not in use.
• Turn off heat and air conditioning units when leaving for the day.
• To ensure that the above steps are followed, assign the last person leaving the office for the day the responsibility of shutting off all lights and heat or air conditioning.
• Report running toilets, dripping faucets, and other sources of water that is being wasted.
• Don't use personal appliances; instead use those already on hand in residence halls or office kitchens.

"As you can tell, energy stewardship is not just a Facilities team solution but a community solution that I am confident we all can contribute to set our campus up for energy savings success," said Dr. Mel Batten-Mickens, executive director of Facilities. "As our team of talented engineers design and plan increased facility technologies we will be able to provide increased data analysis to develop solid foundations to further support improvement areas that will enable our campus to age gracefully with an efficient operation."